Another big reason for our general difficulty in obtaining test cars back in the day, is that we reported on them honestly.  PR people hate honesty…and we hated this fucking car.  Hey, we had massive street cred to uphold and this pig just wasn’t cutting it.   The handy Tail Light Spotters Guide included in this test was another industry first…this was also the last Pontiac we ever got to test.  Go figure.

Full story Below.


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  • These articles are just as fresh now… the taillight spotters guide is classic, I remember reading this to my friend Mike entirely over the telephone, which of course was a wall mounted and had a rotary dial, Ha !! This stuff cracked us up, and we always appreciated the honesty. Tony is the one who inspired us to make the trips out to Vandelia … great times.

  • LOVED this article back in the day. I was in school, and there were plenty of frat boys driving new GTAs thinking they were hot stuff. I made multiple copies of the taillight spotters guide, so that when I saw one parked around campus, I could helpfully leave a copy under a windshield wiper.