Writer’s with dirty hands, Slavic shifters, and the birth of the five Liter Mustang movement.


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  • Love this. Brought back a lot of memories, and I actually remember the picture of the 5.0 pulling the left front tire.

  • A car-related podcast that doesn’t immediately compel me to shut the damn thing off….keep’em coming!

  • Run across Uncle Tony’s Garage on You tube and started watching it and now learning there is a podcast and stuff that’s awesome love the content I gotta few gear head friends that will love this stuff

  • Well, I now have two images of Uncle Tony that will forever remain indelible in my mind. Tony, at 16 years old and 150 lbs. , getting on the bus with a 440 block, and dragging it 2 miles uphill to his house. And, road testing the Yugo and the shifter in his hand after pulling it out on a shift. (I had similar experience working on one and interior parts breaking off in my hand. Road tested it and it felt like 40mph was top speed….had to glue the cracked distributor cap back together because the part was NA.) In the podcast as you describe heading over to the Yugo dealer, I’m like: “No Tony! No! Turn around!” Well, OK, a maybe a third thing…..Tony keeping the night watch so his street build does not get towed away. Oh, but I just remembered laughing out loud when you described how you heated things up on your snow storm engine install. Tony, I think your car life would make an extremely entertaining documentary style comedy movie. One scene: “Today, Tony feeling a newfound sense of responsibility, determines to buy a new car……”