We look at the Hot Rod Soap Opera of the ages.


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  • Tony, this reminds me so much of back in the day when people would sit around and listen to shows on the radio.
    Keep it up…..entertaining.

  • Good second show guys. I’m with Kathy on the whole Street Outlaws thing, I think I watched maybe half of one show, and clips on YouTube. Too staged and I too would like to see slower, more average cars. Tony has an excellent point though about how it helps the whole movement stay alive. Also, black guys always add comedy to any situation in life, In fact a huge part of the entertainment out at West Hampton Dragway was the group of black fellas that used to bet on each race in the stands… they were hysterical!

  • Yep, fond memories of street racing back in the 70’s and 80’s. I remember racing my 63′ Chrysler 300 against a Heavy Chevy and getting beat one Saturday nite. The next day I was pulling the 383 and dropping in a 440. A week or so later I found that Chevy and beat him soundly.

  • While driving thru Oklahoma in my hot rod while participating at Drag Week, I said to my copilot “I haven’t seen any black guys”. We then started talking about the things we didn’t see. Im not going to say that there are no good looking girls in the midwest but I didn’t see any. Now here is where it got interesting. We decide to go eat at a Hooters on a quest to find good looking girls. Boom, good looking girls. I wasn’t quite sure so I had to ask their nationality because, well I don’t know but I always ask. Every girl working at that Hooters was half white and half black. We left bewildered….

  • Can you give us the option to download these podcasts so I can listen on my daily commute? It’s hard for me to find enough time at a PC to listen.

  • Outstanding! Howard Stern should take note. Y’all got the chemistry and the content that makes this an awesome show.

  • Hey Tony just found you today and love your stuff! I got a 65 Barracuda and only wish we were Nabours lol. I’m a chef and wish I had half the knowledge you have. Great Videos and keep it coming! DMAN..

  • Holy shit Uncle Tony!You’re podcasts are great.It’s better now that you have a YouTube channel though.You & Uncle Kathy kick ass!Been a subscriber since you went to help that chick find a car on YouTube.I am making it my mission to spread the word about these podcasts.Happy Trails