We talk with Ryan Brutt, the Auto Archaeologist; Eric Jackson on the value of Dyno time, Mr. Know-It-All spews wisdom and Ron Ward says farewell to an American Icon.

  • Ryan Brutt, The Auto Archaeologist-Start Time 13:30
  • Mr. Know-It-All Spews Wisdom- Start Time 50:30
  • Eric Jackson on the Value of Dyno Time-Start Time 1:08:30
  • Ron Ward says Farewell to an American Icon-Start Time 1:50:35

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  • Eric is so right talking about Dyno time. On average I’ve found 60hp from first to last pulls on bb Mopars without even hunting down everything I could.
    First time I dynod my 528 Hemi, first pull I noted the A/F ratio was a little off. I was running a pair of 850 Thermoquads on a Weiand tunnelram. I opened the secondary air doors .050, it picked up 60 hp. I opened them another .050 and lost 60hp.
    Small changes can often netted big gains!