Drag Racing has always been as much an art form as it is a competition.
A dragstrip is a unique venue. Wide, flat and straight, it’s a beacon of simplicity that calls upon the exhibitions of the automotive world to come do their thing.
One of the first, and arguably the best, was EJ Potter, The Michigan Madman.
EJ had few limits and more imagination than fear.
Our man Ski (Mr. Know It All) recollects some of his old friends exploits for us here.

Hit the PLAY button and listen.

Potter commented it was like he’d never been off it..

The Widow rests…

Potter explains what he’s about to do to Lane Crosby and Myownself..

I try the beast on for size…

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  • I’m glad to hear about E.J. on your site. I was hipped to him from the Hot Rod article in years past. I encourage all of your viewers and ner’do wells to check out his story. It’s an exhibition I’d loved to have seen in person. Keep up the good work and embrace the suck!