Organizations, trends, and practices that all tend to suck.


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  • Good show guys… all good points about NHRA today. In regard to drivers personality, I don’t think you’ll ever have characters like Dick Landy, Bill Jenkins, Freddy DiNome and Hubert Platt just to name a few, and they added tons of interest just being who they were. These guys gave the cars they ran character too. Like Tony said, household names like “The Blue Max,” “Mongoose,” “Georgia Shaker,” “Grumpy’s Toys.” It’s I think a bygone era. It was good to hear Eric mention Warren Johnson, who was my favorite when he ran Oldsmobile’s … I always had a thing for underdogs, and he was very successful against the Chevy’s and Ford’s in Pro Stock. Well, I could go on ha ha… anyway, love you guys.

  • Hey Tone and friends. This podcast was great. So many things I agree with,so much good info. Black wheels hmm “DOGSHIT”! NHRA same. Didn’t here the word fun used in the nhra discussion because it’s been totally replaced by the word money. Center lines yup, on my 1969 cuda and i have a second set on stand by. 60 grand for my 2016 charger scatpac black wheels Grrr for that kind of dough I want 20″keystone classics, not gonna happen. Dogs, I love them all had 3 last one being a mastiff Rottweiler cross lived 15 years (Beast). Smoke? Yup. While driving my Charger? Yup. People questioning this practice? Many. GFY! Anyway What do you think was the truth behind the Wayne County speed shop “break in” and the resulting exit of the team from pro stock racing? Thanks and UTG is great.