“Who the hell are you?”

This is Mr. Know-it-all. His knowledge of racing on land and sea spans five decades…he’s the guy who could take yours and beat his. A master of physics, thermodynamics and the world’s greatest cheese sandwich whose ingredients cannot be named under penalty of death. Sit down and listen to him give you the lessons he learned from all his mistakes. Guaranteed to raise your I.Q. in five minutes or less or your money back…


This is Ron Ward.  A lifelong gearhead who cut his teeth on British sports cars. After several failed attempts at putting the smoke back into Lucas electrical systems, he switched to Mopars and never looked back.  He has two great kids, a garage full of unfinished projects and an affinity for anything with natural patina.


This is Eric Jackson. Eric hails from the mysterious lost continent of Ohio. A serious gearhead from the age of five, when he first ripped apart a helpless Renault engine while his dad wasn’t looking, Eric is the mechanical perfectionist of our group. Decades of experience with all things high performance under his belt, Eric can also snap a bison’s neck with one arm while hoisting an exactingly restored Holley carb with the other.

He’s the proprietor of  Vintage Musclecar Parts Dot Com and the knower of all things Chevrolet.


This is Kathy Defeo. She’s an artist, an automotive entrepreneur, can make cheese with her bare hands and has been known to loofah frantically between rounds of thrashing B Body Mopars into submission. She likes to work with crap. Why? Because the journey is so much more rewarding than the destination.  Over the years, she has done everything from perform as active ballast in the back seat of street race cars, to helping with magazine articles, to mastering all the technologies and crafts the universe has thrown her way. She may look like a freckled fluff…and may actually BE a freckled fluff, but she’s also an automotive badass that can teach most guys a lesson.


This is Uncle Tony, AKA Tony Defeo, AKA that asshole who thinks he knows everything. He was a street racer before it was cool, and a fuel racer long after it wasn’t. He’s done magazines, wrenched on everything under the sun, and enjoys meat and Beagles…not necessarily at the same time.


The Garage is a good place to be.  It’s not a physical location, so much as an idea.  The Garage is the Universe as seen through the eyes of lifestyle Gearheads.

If it grabs our attention, turns us on, or is just flat out cool, you’ll see it here.

Welcome to the Garage.